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27th Annual Kickoff Classic Tournament 2024

The RUSC 27th Annual Kickoff Classic will be held April 19,20,21, 2024.

Come play in one of the few local soccer outdoor tournaments under the lights!

To REGISTER for the Kickoff Classic   >>> [Click here] - WE ARE OPEN! We don't like to turn any teams away so we put you on a wait list.  04/05/24 - WE ARE CLOSED!


SCHEDULES : We hope to have "A" & "B" flights for U10-14.

( If same multiple club teams are in the SAME DIVISION - the letter after club name stands for 

 the coach's first letter of their LAST NAME and/or with first name. i.e.  Rotterdam - U  (Coach Urbano)

If a duplication occurs then First/Last name combo - Rotterdam - VU

The below links are active to schedules!

Friday Night - U16 Boys - U16 Girls  (Could start as early as 5:00pm - we prefer 6:00pm)

BU16  -  GU16

Sat* Morning - U14 Boys & Girls  - U12 Boys & Girls (Usually starts at 8:00am)

BU14B  -   BU12A GU12A   -  GU12B  

Sat* Day - U14 Boys & Girls - U12 Boys & Girls (Usually starts around 12:00pm-1:30pm)

GU14B  -  BU12B

Sat Night - U17+ Boys - U17+ Girls  (Usually starts around 5:00pm - 6:00pm +/-)


Sunday - U10 Boys & Girls - U08's (Usually starts at 8:00am)

B10A  -  BU10B  -  GU10A  -  GU10B  -   U8

Please keep BOTH Saturday slots available

12/20/23 - WE ARE APPROVED! [click here]

04/11/24 - Divisions posted (8:46am)

04/12/24 - All schedules posted (10:05pm)

04/14/24 - B & G 10's schedules needs a fix (7:13am)

04/14/24 - B & G 10's schedules re-posted (4:30pm)

04/15/24 - B10A & B10B - have changed (11:05pm)

04/15/24 - GHS - Field changes done (11:05pm)

04/16/24 - ALL SCHEDULES ARE FINAL (11:30pm)

​​If you have a question, let us know -> 

RUSC FIELD MAPS - U8 & 10's [click here]  U12* and up [click here]

*(The U12 fields fit inside our FIELD #3)

Participating Clubs:  Albany, Alleycats, Arlington, Averill Park, Ballston Spa, Bethlehem, Clifton Park, Coliseum, Colonie, Empire. Firestorm, Greenbush, Latham, MSU, Niskayuna, Plattsburgh, Queen City, Saratoga. 

The location of the tournament is at the Rotterdam United Soccer Complex located on Princetown Road. This outdoor grass tournament is an USYSA sanctioned tournament through Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association, Inc. For more information, [click here] to contact our tournament director, Scott Byrnes.  In your email, please include your club name, age group (ie BU12), division "A" or "B" and your title (coach, manager or other), we get over 75 teams in, we need a little help.


This outdoor grass tournament is open to U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U17 and U18 boys and girls divisions based on CDYSL age groups.(Formats: U8 will be 4v4, U10 - 7v7, U12 - 9v9 and U14 & above - 11v11.)


We will try to have an "A" and "B" level in each age division depending on participation. All clubs in good standing are welcome to enter. Your CDYSL spring placement will help decide what division you will go in.  Division 1 and 2 teams will be "A" and Division 3+  teams will be "B".


Team RostersEmail STAMPED (or CDYSL watermarked) rosters, the med forms & permission to travel (if needed) to

You will still need to stop by registration table on game day to let us know your team is present.)

  • 22 players maximum per team (including guest players) 

    • (We follow the CDYSL guidelines for team rosters - can be changed with permission from the tournament director. )

  • 3 guest players permitted

  • All non-New York teams must have a completed "permission to travel" form to play

  • Teams should arrive 30 minutes prior to game time to check roster, with your team medical release forms, have your players passes checked and receive your game schedule. (Look for the big tent next to the Concession stand) 

  • Original league stamped/signed roster w/ jersey numbers listed beside each player.

  • Every player and guest player needs a signed medical release form.  Must have them when you check-in  {click}




Game Information:

  • All groups play ALL 4 games in ONE day/night ONE session*. Figure 4-6 hours to complete your group play.

    • [Games to be played Friday night, all day Saturday (3 sessions) and Sunday].

  • Each team will be scheduled for 4 games if minimum of 4 teams in a division.  A five or more team division will play a round robin format. A four team division will have a playoff format to decide final placement. A 3 team division will play 2-50 minute games. Both scenarios have 100 minutes of playing time... (4 x 25 mins 0r 2 x 50 mins.)

  • U10-U14 games will be 25 minutes in length, U16 and up games will be 40 minutes  in length. ALL GAMES will have no halftime breaks or overtime periods. Teams will switch sides "on the fly" when referee signals for it. If a severe weather issue   (Thunder/Lightning) occurs all play is stopped immediately and a 30 minute delay will occur. If no other weather issue happens in the 30 minute delay, then Tournament Director reserves the right to shorten game lengths to finish the brackets on time. This is done for the safety of ALL the people at our tournament.

  • Team award for first place finish ONLY in each division. In the U8 & U10 divisions, all players will receive a participation award. (Non-result format as per CDYSL).

  • All teams are asked to bring two jerseys to avoid same color conflicts. If one occurs, the winner by a referee coin toss will get color choice.

  • The ref may decide which team will kick off OR the winner of the ref's coin toss will decide which goal to attack in the first half or to take the kick-off.

  • Players receiving a caution must be replaced at the time of the infraction. That player may not re-enter the game until the next substitution opportunity.  Any player receiving a red card (or a coach getting ejected from game) can not be replaced and is suspended from the next match.  A second red card  received by the same player, will be asked to leave the complex. 

  • Every club/coach is responsible for their conduct , players and fans. Unruly or obscene conduct may result in an ejection of all parties involved from our complex. There is a ZERO tolerance policy towards referees. Please abide by this for everyone's enjoyment.

  • Possible other venues may be used.

  • NO protests will be considered.



          The Tournament Director, members of the Tournament Committee, Rotterdam United Soccer Club, its members and board

               members, any participating associations, advertisers, vendors, school districts and recreation departments and related

               municipalities will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team, player or spectator nor will they be liable for

               any injury of any player, coach or spectator that may result form the participation in, or travel to and from the tournament.

               Each team will be responsible for its own medical and liability insurance. The tournament director and committee reserves

               the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the conduct and administration of the tournament and their judgement shall

               be deemed as final.

Scoring U12 and up:

This is a point based tournament which will decide final placement.


[Max points per game is 8]

Win = 3 points 
Tie = 1 point
Plus = 1 point for each goal (Max 3)
Shutout win = 1 point
First goal scored = 1 point

In the event of forfeit (or if a team leaves) the score(s) of the game shall be recorded as 2-0. The winning team shall get seven (7) points. No refunds will be issued.

Ties in the standings will be broken by the following criteria:

1. Head-to-Head record
2. Least goals against
3. Goals scored
4. A coin toss

Playoff games (S1 v. S2) that end in a tie will be broken by the following criteria:

1. Head-to-Head record
2. Total Points
3. Least goals against
4. Goals scored

          The tournament director will have final decision over any disputes and reserves the right to modify the tournament rules at any time.

Registration Fee:  (U16 & above games will be 40 minutes)

For U8-U10 is $325 on/before March 20, 2024  ---   After March 20th, the fee is $375.00. 

U8 ( 4 v 4 ) - on two fields  ---- U10  ( 7 v 7 )

For U12  ( 9 v 9 ) is $350 on/before March 20, 2024 ---   After March 20th, the fee is $425.00. 

For U14  ( 11 v 11 ) is $400 on/before March 20, 2024 ---​   After March 20th, the fee is $450.00.

For U16 ( 11 v 11 ) and above is $500 on/before March 20, 2024.  ​   After March 20th, the fee is $550.00.

Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE if a team withdraws after April 1, 2024. 

 [All registrations should be paid in full by April 15, 2024. Unless special arrangements have been made. ]

ADDRESS TO SEND PAYMENT : RUSC Kickoff Classic c/o Bob DiBella - 2048 Careleon Rd - Schenectady, NY  12303

RUSC Concession Image.jpg

  RUSC FIELDS - 100 Princetown Rd, Schenectady, NY 12306

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